dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

dinsdag 16 juni 2009

het vervolg van deze blog is te vinden op Desteni.net
I continue this blog in the Dutch language on Desteni.net

thanks for reading

dinsdag 21 april 2009

expand here, holding back is prolonging the existence as seperated from all else. Everything is someone.
I find myself driven by desire. Desire to fly my modelairplanes, desire to work at my sisters horsefarm...
Desire you have an experience for myself. Driven by desire things start to go wrong.

When I am eating and disappear in thoughts, my teeth bite my tongue. ouch! I am back.

maandag 20 april 2009

being with the dog or the cat, I am loosing my mind. Still here. The same on the bicycle, shaking my head a few times, lightly. Not holding myself back, to be a personality with a point of view, a opinion, different from all else.
I dissolve. No more I, still here. Here is all that is.

vrijdag 20 maart 2009

Some time ago Mirjam talked in many different voices to me. She said: I like to play with these voices. I said: you don't play, you become the voices. In the mean time I was looking at my reactions to the voices. In a moment I realised i was trying to relate to the voices. I said stop, I don't have to relate to them, It is somethoing playing out in her. I selfforgave my attempts to relate. It has nothing to do with me. Some time later she addressed me with a "funny" voice again, but I didn't react, I stayed in the here moment. In haven't heard the voices since.