maandag 6 oktober 2008


today I was at the dentist for 1 and 3/4 of an hour. While he and his assistant were working inside my mouth, I was as the three of us.

As he worked with the drill, my nerves would start signaling, and my body would get tense. Then I said in myself: its allright, this is no alert situation, no need for stress. Than the body relaxed again. I repeated this, some times. I just watched if a reaction showed up. Some feelings came forth; Now I'll die, and: here comes the pain, and such. 
One moment I had to swallow but couldn't, I almost swallowed thewrong way, and started feeling helpless. Immidiately the assistant spoke a calming advice and the dentist too, and I calmed down.  I felt myself small. Sf on that.

Also before I went there, I applied Sf on several points coming up.

This was an interesting experience, I felt quite comfortable all the way. I have no pain afterwards.


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