vrijdag 24 oktober 2008


changing the sheets of my bed to me is strange because I don'tsmell if they're dirty and I don't have a once a week thing going on. My nose doesn't tell me that much. I usually smell nothing at all. Sometimes I smell something that Isn't there! Mostly only bad smells come through or penetrant ones, gasoline, poop, exhaustion gasses. I don't want to wait that long changing my sheets. I do smell when my pyjamas are sweaty. 
I found out that I believe If I wait till my sheets smell sweaty, I will be on a down hill path to totally waisting myself.
I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to fear onetime I'll be on a downhillpath to waisting myself.
So, I kind of vaguely remember how long ago I changed sheets and how sweaty I have been in the nights that passed. And I have an idea of how smelly they might be and I change them accordingly.

thank you.

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Ingrid zei

hahahaha cool subject - cleaning sheets :)

I like my sheets to be dirty actually lol but I admit I feel a bit ashamed when picturing others smelling my sheets. Solution: stop picturing lol

yes, I too have this idea that I must be going downhill if not taking care of myself as I was taught.
Another picture: when I am really really old, I will stop washing myself, brushing my teeth etc and just be an old stinky witch lolol