dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

money, I get money from the municipality. In Holland this is called a minimum amount of money to live by. And that's true, but I am used to it and manage well. I have had a job for only 7 years in total and I am 51 now, so I know how to live with little money. At times I had no money I always was given money by friends/my parents. Most of my furniture I was given or I bought in a recycling store. I buy almost nothing. I did spend almost all of my savings on dental care. But I am confident that what has to be done can be done. One way or another. I am able to save enough money to enjoy my modelairplane hobby, which has brought me numerous  Sf-points.
I new for a long time that the money system was a big mistake. I did search for better ways, never found any.

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