zaterdag 1 november 2008

today I was going to see Mirjam. She called we could meet. Before, in the morning I felt that I was leaving my position as I direct. The mind proposed that I would go into a relationship and from there apply Sf. i set that strait first. Then she said on the phone we were going for a win win situatuon. I said no, this is not about some sort of gain for me and you as persons. I am not into this to get something out of it for myself. My starting point is Selfhonesty, to make sure I willnot loose myself in a relationship. After the call I felt like I was divorced. 
When we met we talked about it and agreed that I would remain and she would remain, no compromise. And we applied this. During our meeting we continuesly watched our reactions and voiced them and didn't go there. This was so cool. Her dog was very much with us in the process. Interesting to see the past experiences of relationships pop up now and then. 
After a while we managed to sit close together without any reactions. She had some pain in the hart erea and belly. She breathed and took some time to let it go. Some cramp loosening.


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Ingrid zei

aaaaaaaah cool, Martijn! So you two might actually be in agreement...